About us


We have watched stagnation of well-known Lithuanian autocratic auto portals for a long time. On the other hand, perhaps better to say degradation, in terms of innovation. Over time, an attempt has been made to create something similar, but most of the time it was a flop...

It's not a secret that sometimes you have to sweat a lot to find the right auto part. Moreover, you need so little- real goods, in real- time, from real sellers! This has become our motto.

Long ripened ideas came together in one product - dalys.lt. Currently, our portal contains more than 250,000 unique ads from eleven different used car parts dealers in Lithuania. The number of advertisers and sellers is steadily increasing. There are over 1200 different auto parts categories with their real photos, descriptions, and prices.

In other words, you see the item you need - call the seller and arrange for the withdrawal of the item. You have the specified contacts right here. Now it is a BETA version and if you notice discrepancies or you want to give a comment - please call us at +370 614 27277 or email info@dalys.lt

JSC Recaras, which is the official distributor of ReCar warehouse management system in Lithuania, manages portal dalys.lt (more info www.recar.lt). Why did we mention ReCar? All sellers who want to place ads on dalys.lt must use the ReCar storage program. Sellers will be able to cope with the chaos, frequently found in a car dealership and warehouse integration with dalys.lt, eBay, est.

All your notes are welcome and we will promptly react to it.


As the number of page visitors grows, the number of your sales will increase!


The buyer is offered quality and price-compliant goods.


Become the most popular trading platform for used auto parts not only in Lithuania, but also outside it.